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The Mission of the Board is " To regulate and monitor engineering practice in Tanzania through promotion of engineering excellence among local engineers, engineering technicians and engineering consulting firms with a view to enhance their competitiveness and professionalism in the engineering practice"

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Auction / Mnada wa Hadhara

Auction / Mnada wa Hadhara

JAMHURI YA MUUNGANO WA TANZANIA BODI YA USAJILI WA WAHANDISI   MNADA WA HADHARA Bodi ya Usajili wa Wahandisi kwa kushirikiana na Tambaza Auction Mart and General Broker wataendesha  mnada wa hadhara wa kuuza vifaa mbalimbali vya ofisi vilivyokwisha muda...


Introduction to staging of MASTER CLASS Sessions Two very senior Engineers who have practiced in TANZANIA for over 40 years have prepared structured MASTER CLASS Sessions covering construction industry topics in all its aspects. These are suitable for...
Newly Registered Engineers

Newly Registered Engineers

Papers Presented on AED 2017

Papers Presented on AED 2017

About Us

The Engineers Registration Board is a statutory body established under the Engineers Registration Act, No. 15 of 1997. The Board has been given the responsibility of monitoring and regulating engineering activities and the conduct of the engineers and engineering consulting firms in Tanzania. through registration of engineers and engineering consulting firms. Under the law, it is illegal for an engineer or an engineering firm to practice the profession if not registered with the Board.

The Board has also been given legal powers and has the obligation to withdraw the right to practice from registered engineers if found guilt of professional misconduct or professional incompetence. Registration with the Board is, thus, a license to practice engineering in Tanzania.

Engineering is among the noble professions that have the privilege and responsibility of self regulation. The Board has worked out a Code of Ethics which aims at regulating the engineering activities and conduct of engineers and engineering consulting firms.

The Code thus forms the basis and framework for responsible professional practice as it prescribes standards of conduct to be observed by engineers and engineering consulting firms. The Code is based on broad tenets of truth, honesty and trustworthiness, respect for human life and welfare, fairness, openness, competence and accountability; engineering excellence, protection of the environment and sustainable development.

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ERB Activities

  • Norwegian Govt and ERB signing ceremonial.
  • Norwegian Govt and ERB signing ceremonial.
  • Norwegian Govt and ERB signing ceremonial.
  • Norwegian Govt and ERB signing ceremonial.
  • Norwegian Govt and ERB signing ceremonial.
  • Norwegian Govt and ERB signing ceremonial.

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