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The Mission of the Board is "To regulate engineering practice in Tanzania and promote engineering excellence amongst local engineers and engineering consulting firms with a view to enhancing their competitiveness and professionalism in the engineering practice".



The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the conditions under which an engineer in a Pattner State may have his or her qualifications recognized and be eligible to practice in another PartneState that is a Party to this Agreement pursuant to the provisions of the Protocol and its Annexes.

Parties to the Protocol on the establishment of the East African Community Common Market are The Republic of Burundi,the Republic of Kenya, The Republic of Rwanda,The United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Uganda (herein after referred toas"thePartner States")

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1. Registered Engineers

1. Registered Engineers

2. Licensed Engineers as of June, 2021

2. Licensed Engineers as of June, 2021

Renewal of Practising Licence is subject to the submission of your CPD activities through MIS. Pursuant to Regulation 21(1) of the Regulations 2010 requires the engineers to possess a valid practicing licence. Therefore, it’s illegal to practice...
3. Presentations during Mentors Workshop Mwanza 2021

3. Presentations during Mentors Workshop Mwanza 2021

Download the Presentations made during the Mentors workshop Mwanza September 30, 2021 1. Click here to download the...

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