Functions of the Board

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Functions of the Board as provided under Section 4 of the ACT

Subject to the provisions of this Act and any regulations made thereunder the functions of the Board shall be-

Engineers Registration

To maintain and keep a register of engineers, including consulting engineers or firms providing engineering services


To consider and decide on applications for registration


To sponsor, arrange and provide for facilities for conferences, seminars, workshops and consultations on matters related to the field of engineering

Professional Conduct

To promote and maintain professional conduct and integrity of the engineering profession


To monitor the conduct and activities of engineers, including consulting engineers or firms


To arrange for the publication and dissemination of materials produced in connection with the work and activities of the Board


To certify academic awards given by training institutions for consideration in an application made under section 10

Professional Training

To plan, arrange, coordinate and oversee the professional training of local graduate engineers

Programme Accreditation

To collaborate with the Tanzania Commission for Universities and other relevant institutions on the accreditation of programs for training of engineers and facilitate for the same

Progress Inspection

to enter and inspect sites where construction, installation, erection, alteration, renovation, maintenance, processing, or manufacturing works are in progress for the purpose of verifying that- l) engineering activities are undertaken by engineers registered in appropriate categories and engineering consulting firms


Standards and professional ethics and relevant health and safety aspects are observed


To enter and inspect business offices for verification purposes or for monitoring works, services and goods rendered by engineers and engineering technicians


To suspend or issue stop order to any works, projects, service, installation, process or other engineering activities, which are done without meeting engineering professional requirement


To take legal action against persons or firms that practice engineering without being registered by the Board

Competence Monitoring

To take legal action against engineers and Engineering Consulting Firms that practice engineering or offer engineering consultancy services in areas outside their competence for which they are not registered


To conduct examinations for purpose of registration and grant certificate, diplomas and other awards of the Board to successful candidates


To impose penalties on engineers, persons, employers of engineers, firms and engineering consulting firms found guilty of professional misconduct for contravening any provisions of this Act


To collaborate with local engineering training institutions, professional association and other organizations in matters related to training, professional development of engineers, engineering technicians, and other relevant Board activities


To provide a link between engineers seeking employment and prospective employers


To carry out such other functions as the Minister may, from time to time direct after consultation with the Board

Functions of the Board as provided under Section 4(2) of the ACT

The new Act recognizes that Technicians in engineering are important ingredients in the performance of engineers. Therefore the Act provides for registration of all technicians. The following are the categories of registration with the Engineers Registration Board